Trippn, Your Non-Tourist Guide to Over 35,000 Cities

February 14, 2017 — Planning a vacation or even just a night out can be a lot of work. Often we find ourselves researching a destination to find attractions, looking them up on sites such as Yelp for reviews, ratings and open hours; and finally pinpointing each one on a map to schedule a way to visit them all during open hours.

Trippn, a new app by Prime8 aims to make this process a whole lot easier.  It takes into account your interests along with local reviews and generates a personalized list of smart recommendations. Build your unique trip from these highest rated places, and Trippn takes care of the details and logistics of planning. The algorithm optimizes your route by verifying open times and proximity. This hits the most spots in the shortest time.

Plan Your Next Vacation Hassle-Free

Trippn can plan a day on your next vacation in almost no time. After picking your interests and an area to explore, smart suggestions are made and you make the final decision on where to go. Your itinerary along with walking directions is shown on a map and can be shared with anyone. Once saved, this itinerary can be viewed anytime, even without a network connection.

Already have a list of places to visit in mind? Just enter them under Must-See and Trippn will create an optimized itinerary for you. Your places can also be combined with Trippn’s suggestions.

Trippn can also save you money. Working with affiliates such as Skyscanner, Yelp, Groupon, Goldstar, and, Trippn provides relevant deals on accommodations, flight tickets, car rentals and local deals in town.





Plan a Night Out

Plan a date or rediscover your own city. From Archery to Cabaret to Sri Lankan cuisine, Trippn shows you activities available in your city. Choose your spots, share your itinerary and head out!

On the Go

A great feature of Trippn is its Instant Mode, which can be used everyday to discover places around you. Search for anything from “Falafel” to “Happy Hour” to “Yoga” and using your current location, Trippn returns spots open at that time sorted by distance.

Choose the option to navigate and in two clicks, you’re on your way faster than you can Google map it.

Travelers in the same city can connect with each other using the City Chat feature.  In the works is an expansion of the social aspect which will allow travelers to share experiences and recommendations as well as search and rate public trips.

While there are hundreds of travel apps on the market, none of them currently aim to do what Trippn does. Most of them, such as Google Trips provide users with pre-made trips composed of popular tourist destinations. Trippn changes the game by allowing the user to create personalized itineraries driven by local ratings.

Pricing and Availability

The best things in life are free. And so is this app. Unless you don’t want ads. But that’s up to you.

Available for iPhone and Android.
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